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#177559 - I put on my white dress sandals and I went down stairs to the party we dance, ate and talked it was a wonderful time when Kevin asked me to dance and as we where dancing he whispered in my ear I cant wait for tonight I have been waiting for this night for 1 year and after he said that I agreed with him even though I was truly scared not of Kevin but it was going to be my first time being with a man sexually not to mention I have never even seen a man naked so yes I had a scary night coming to me. With his free hand he grabbed his cock and put it pass the lips of my pussy and to the entrence and he worked the head in till he felt my cherry he pulled back and thrusted in fast and then let my pusst ajust to his cock and then he pulled out and thrusted again by this time i was screaming for him to stop but it fell on deaf ears as he pulled out again and thrusted even hard and faster i was trying to get him off me he stopped and got off of me and went in to are closet i thought he was done

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