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#321789 - My orgasm swept over me, three fingers plunged deep in my pussy while my other hand was stuffed into my mouth to squelch my own sobs -- then Nikki was turning around and joined her daughter, faces cheek to cheek as her son splattered white, creamy semen across both their faces, hosing them both with jet after jet of his fresh seed and as Jonny milked the last few shots of his jism from his cock, Nikki and Erica turned to each other and began to kiss, sharing the incestuous load of spunk with each other. Nikki held my attention as she came to the low slung sofa and eased herself down, now facing me, revealing her nakedness in all its glory. Nikki's tongue flicked out to lick at her son's swollen cock head and she must have licked it, caused she grinned happily up at him and then her lips parted and she took him into her mouth.

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