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#332760 - I was in shock, what do I do, do I go, do I ignore his request, truth be known I got wet just hearing his sexy voice so I quickly went upstairs, had a shower, made sure my shaved pussy was in perfect visual condition, it never occurred to me that I shouldn't go, I was so wet just thinking about his cock that I found myself automatically doing what he wanted. They smiled at me and nodded their heads. My nipples felt like they were on fire, Mike was saying calming words to me and trying to relax me, I couldn't relax so he gets in the tub with me, he tells me to relax and that he just wants to make sure i'm ok, he slowly start to clean me up with a soft sponge and soap, I let him, feeling that I at least have someone who cares here.

Read Madura Irohanihoheto Ch. 1-8 Piercings Irohanihoheto Ch. 1-8

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