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#20341 - I felt the tug of the reins and i was bent over in an awkward position on all fours balanced on my new horse legs, no way i could stand and no way i could do any thing but try and keep my balance, my feet and hands were hobbled with just enough strap length to allow me to walk unsteadily on all fours like a pony, my behind in the air tail swaying and tickling my inner thighs, my nipples hard and erect, rings pulling down ward, my anal hole full, feeling badly like i needed the toilet but the large plug firmly embedded in me, tears still welling i had no choice but to move in the direction i was being led. I will be back she said lock the door and only open it when i come back. Wellll she seemed to get into that quick enough eh Joan You picked a winner there, Lets get back to the celebrations, the new Filly can rest up a bit, she isn't going any where in a hurry like that hahah no cloths, a tail stuck up her arse and covered in cum, we can come and get her later , with that ever

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