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#173919 - The woman that opened the door looked surprised for a moment then without a word stepped aside to let Maxine enter, without a word the woman pointed to a door and then to Maxine’s surprise she quickly left the building. Suddenly Maxine can’t stop herself as her body shakes and her first orgasm hits her, she tries to scream out round the thick cock buried in her throat, and she feel the man stiffen as her pussy is flooded with his hot cum, without stopping the man pulls out and she feels his cum splash over her arse cheeks and back, suddenly he’s forcing his still pumping cock into her arsehole, stretching it wide, Maxine does scream and he enters her. Feeling amazingly slutty Maxine bent and leaning on the bed offered her pert bottom to his camera looking over her shoulder at him smiling, ‘good, very good’ he commented.

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