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#23245 - Then he said to sign several legal looking documents where indicated that already appeared to be notarized, with Amanda watching he pushed me back against the wall and facing forward a camera flashed, and again as he turned my profile in front of an official looking white lined back board on the wall much like when a police mug shot was taken? This was followed by using a smaller digital camera, and had taken close ups of my face my breasts, my bottom and of course several really close ups of my dripping pussy! The mug shots were instant and I saw one of me, that had a slave number of 185122 next to my face apparently this would be my official registered slave number that would be permanently assigned to me and I would be registered on this site for all to see! I could also be bought and sold to anyone with the right amount of cash money! My husband had threatened to sell me as a slave on numerous occasions, but I thought he had only been joking, now I was not so sure? JR Amanda

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