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#146459 - As i was getting back onto my knees i couldnt take my eyes of his dick it was so beautiful with big veins running through it i tokk it in my hand and slowly pulled his foreskin back to reveal the biggest most purple bell end i have ever seen i noticed a drop of pre cum formed on the head so i slowly took out my tounge and licked it off i couldnt beleive how much i loved the taste of it i then started to lick it from top to bottom like i had seen on the dvd i couldnt wait no longer i wanted it in my mouth so i took the head of his cock into my bright pink lips i slowly began to suck it further down but as i did my dad took hold of the back of my head and began to furiously shove his big cock down my throat making me choke and gag thats it take my cock down that throat you little bitch he then pushed his cock as far as it could go down my throat and held my head makin tears pour down my face makin my masscara run leaving black likes down my cheeks by this time i also had

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