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#271726 - I think the girls noticed because there eyes widened and they started smirking I looked at Ana and looked at her panties she was dripping wet, that was all I needed to get over the edge and without realising it as I came everywhere I had pointed it towards summer, a large amount splattered all over summers face and a few drops on her chest a tiny bit even landed on her lips, the rest slowly dripped down. If you break any rules you and your cagemates will be severally punished, now into your cage. I looked down too and I noticed there was a drain and I asked them what its for Ana said “every morning and evening they wash us down with the shower overhead but its also used for when we need to pee, around here you must pee the second you need to on the nearest slave even if you are only in the presence of a mistress you must tell them you need to go and then aim at yourself, if you try and miss us or aim at anything other than slaves then they will punish all of us, also if you need to d

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