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#366873 - Guiding it with my fist, I placed the head of my cock on his slimy entrance and began pushing, feeling his muscles contract and relax, slowly letting me inside. I kissed down his neck to his wide muscular chest, licking around his nipples while my hands felt his arms, almost as wide as my thighs, working my way steadily down over his taut six pack, sliding down to the floor, unzipping his flies as I passed his navel. I hope your going to fuck me like a slut then! Passing him the tube, I turned around and straddled his lap with my back to him, moving back so I could support myself on his knees, his knuckles brushing against my arse as he lubed up his penis.

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Suguru kamoshida
Thank you
Not easy this industry has a chokehold on society and is killing it from within the individual
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Que buen culo tienes