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#275084 - Parkman wants to see the numbers, we have to finish the experiment!!! Mike stared down at his now almost erect pecker, and as if she was reading his mind offered, Would you like some help with that, after all, we wanna make sure that you're hard as a rock, we wouldn't want you to cheat yourself, now would we!?! Uh, no, Mike sighed as the head of his pecker slipped into Joanne Ford's mouth, we certainly wouldn't want to do that, ohhhhhh myyyyyy!!! Follow me, Mike, Joanne said while showing him out the door, it's time to meet the boss, do you think you're ready!?! As ready as I'll ever be, he replied while stepping into the elevator for the ride to the penthouse, do you think that she'll like me, I mean she could have any man she wanted, and I'm just a twenty two year old kid so to speak!?! Let me give you one hint, Joanne offered as the elevator rocketed towards the sixty first floor, she'll push you to see how much

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Hummm assim que eu gosto delicia segura o gozo