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#314068 - Harry was the more cautious of the two, aware that a girl’s first time could be painful, and not wanting to hurt Ginny, but longing to drive himself in and out of her. He heard Ginny’s groan of anticipation - or perhaps fear - at feeling his size, followed almost immediately by the same sound from Hermione, who had been watching them intently, as Ron was now licking her little nub with an incredible amount of skill for someone previously inexperienced in such pleasures. Harry’s heart pounded in his chest from the knowledge he was so close to being inside the beautiful redhead beneath him, but he sort of wanted to wait for Ron to catch up - it was silly, but he’d always done everything for the first time with Ron and Hermione, so he lowered his weight onto Ginny’s firm body, finally enjoying the feel of her bare breasts against his bare chest as he kissed her, breathing in the still lingering smell of Hermione on Ginny’s skin.

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