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#331457 - it all started the last weekend of the school holidays me (13) and my friend shawn (13) was down at his mums house minding the kids whilst she was at the shop when she returned she said she had a present for us and gave us a bag with a box in it within the box there was two bottles af vodca a bottle of sambuka and a bottle of bacardi she said that we coud drink it there but we would have to be quick because shawns dad was coming to pick his little brothrs up in an hour so we sat in the kitchen with shawns mum and did shots of each whilst the kids we're at their grand parents down the street whithin half an hour it was all gone when the fone rang it was shawns dad he was coming early and would be there within ten minutes me and shawn only just being able to move set off for my house 1. i still have them boxers today.

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Knowing someone was watching had to add to your excitement the two of you really let loose in this one thanks
Miyuki nanase
That is so beautiful and perfect i would love to have her on my face
Ibaraki douji
I know you are here kira
Fujiko etou
Mine 20 19