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#163107 - Merve moved his hand to the zipper of my pants and started to unzip me, he was older than me and I was enjoying the attention he was giving me, so I just let Merve do what he was doing, when he unzipped me he pulled my, by this time my very hard cock out of my pants and started to stroke it up and down, I have never ever had played with myself and this was the first time and I said to Merve, “ Oh this is really wonderful I have never done anything like this before” with that Merve lowered his mouth down on my 4inch hard cock and started to suck it. Will Ernie go, see what happened. I was pleased when we were outside the movie theatre as people looked at us as though we were big brother and little brother which I liked and Merve had hold of my hand smiling at me saying, “ well Ernie did you enjoy what we were doing in the movie`s, I think that was your first time you have been sucked off and if I hadn`t sucked you off you would have pulled your-self off, and did you like my bi

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