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#66788 - Next day Saturday I went round to Betty’s house at 3oclock both girls were waiting for me we went into the shelter they shut the door a paraffin hurricane lamp was burning and it gave off plenty of light but you could smell it . I started at the new school near Newcastle a junior school for under 11s I was only there for 18months but I learnt allot and not just the three Rs Miss Black was in the girls school but was a teacher at the Sunday school I had to go to, she soon had me singing in the choir on different occasions and I spent a lot of time alone with her at the church and sometimes at her small flat where she lived she had been married but he had been killed at Normandy. I would spend hours there sometimes I even slept there Fridays and Saturday nights one Saturday afternoon a friend of Doris came to the garden I’m sure Doris’s told her about me as she knew too much her excuse was she wanted to buy a dozen fresh eggs then, and a chicken the next week I said I would have to ask

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