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#46470 - It was now time to turn her attention to her nephew, Zack, who was still standing all alone with a big hardon sticking out proudly from his crotch. My, my, she commented softly, you two have beautiful bodies, and Zoey, you have very pretty breasts and your vaginal lips are so puffy, and you Zack, you have a very lean and hard body with a much bigger penis than most boys your age! Both twins turned red when they heard their aunt commenting on their body parts, and even though he was totally embarrassed, Zack immediately became erect while standing naked in front of his nude sister, and the roving eyes of his aunt! Look Zoey, Aunt Meg enthused, Zack has an erection, and look at how large it is!!! Zoey had never seen an erect penis before, and even though she felt ashamed, she cou?ldn't help but feel her vagina dampen at the sight of this strange new wonder! Aunt Meg went over to her and put her hand around her shoulder and whispered in her ear, Do you feel your pussy getti

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