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#199459 - I reply with a nod and I turned and bowed to my dad and used my abilities and fazed to my ship in the space port which is about 30 maybe 40 miles from the place (fazing is basically teleporting but more discreet and faster) I sat back into the captain’s chair and brought the ships engines online and started to lift off and head towards the arch angel that was in orbit (the ship is the same design and the Valkyrie but is much larger). I then rub her inner thigh till the edges of my fingers are brushing agents her wet pussy I move up to the thongs straps and slip it off and grab her ass and pull her closer to the edge so she in the right spot and the only thing on her is her skirt and that makes me even more horny so I’m standing in front of her naked with a raging hard on and I slip my hand back between her legs and start to rub her wet shaven pussy and she reaches down and starts rub and pull on my throbbing cock and she is stroking it is a way that is twisting as she goes up and down

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