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#86198 - “what are you doing, someones going to catch us”, the girl protested Dean was having none of it, he knew she wanted it just as much as him, “ everyone's asleep, don’t worry, look what you’ve done to me you little tease”, Dean motion down to his clear bulge Lea looked down getting a closer look than she had before, her pussy was tingly as she relived herself even taking a moment to rub her clit thinking about Deans cock before he arrived, and now it was right here just inches away from her,she looked closely at it, in a sexual trance eyeing it up before her hands moved on their own to fondle it over his black slacks. Lea pulled off his cock with a loud pop, that swung Deans attention back to her, he brought a finger to his lips gesturing for the young girl to be quiet, Lea giggled mouthing a whoopsie at her mistake, they both listen as the cubicle next door flushed and the woman frustratingly expresses her relief. He was close to that orgasm he desperately needed, being insid

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