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#355433 - The supple fingers return to unbuttoning the shirt feeling the Goosebumps appear where her fingers meet flesh, their lips meet again as she pushes the shirt from his shoulders and then pulls away and has him use his teeth to undo the zip on the skirt, once undone she slowly slides the skirt and her panties down to the floor presenting the wonderful image of her naked figure to his hungry eyes, as he drinks in the image of her body she slowly slides herself towards him seeing the strain in his shoulders and trousers as his body cries out for her touch, her hands rest against the throbbing bulged in the front of his trousers feeling it straining against the confining clothes, as her hands deftly undo the straining buttons on the trousers the bulge jerks at the touch of her breath, she playfully snaps the elastic against the throbbing hardness his underwear conceals. As the final climax take him, the hot fluid filling her finishes her collapsing onto his chest so whispers the words that

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