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#184928 - I was rubbing her ass all over and she was squirming under my touch, I made sure to pull the towel slightly and the weight made it fall to the floor, but instead of reacting she let me continue rubbing her butt, I was now staring at what had consumed my fantasies since childhood. Tony went off to college out of state, but my dad couldn’t afford college, so I went from job to job. I massaged them as I continued licking her pussy, she kept gyrating her hip as I ate her pussy, I started to blow on her clit and she loved it, then I licked it all around before taking it in my mouth and sucking it gently, she was getting real close to Cumming and I pulled my face away.

Read Corno [Tamekou] Natsume-kun wa Nan Demo Shitteru Ch. 1-3 [English] [Kujiki] Highschool Natsume3

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