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#198163 - I stayed in the sling until it slowed a bit, must have 2 pm or so, Jim still happy to eat all the cum from me, then we went for a shower to cool off, and freshen up, as we washed I told Jim about some of my kinks, like water sports, he then asked if I was keen to let him try it on me, no sooner said than I was on my knees, he stood over me trying to pee, I told him relax and just let it happen, he did, a huge stream shot out spaying my face and mouth, I let him aim all over me then as he slowed swallowed the last few drops, another guy then did the same from behind me, we showered to clean off. Then I saw big cock, he was standing with a couple of guys, as my ass was filled once more I got Jim to lay down and I sat over his face, pushing all the cum from my ass into his mouth, he loved that. As more guys arrived my ass got a good work out, now and then Jim fisted me whilst hey fucked me too, that way he got to feel them cum inside my ass, each time he ate me out sharing their

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