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#20584 - The hour having come, they passed to their alcoves, and that interesting girl expressed herself in the following manner: A man of whose circumstances and existence I had not previously known anything, she said, and about whom I was later to learn only a little, and, therefore, a man about whom I can give you no better than an imperfect portrait, sent me a note, and in it besought me to come to his house, in the rue Blanche-du-Rempart, at nine o'clock in the evening. I dare say, he once remarked, that only a pregnant woman would have a stronger effect upon me, and, unfortunately, the thing cannot be brought about. No sooner am I in than a naked man comes up to me and seizes me without a word; I keep my wits about me, persuaded that the whole thing surely boiled down to nothing more than a little fuck to be shed by one means or another; that job once over with, I say to myself, I'll be quits with this whole nocturnal ceremony.

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