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#46896 - I put in the c4 while was talking I backed up and it blew the machine rolled out and it looked like an iron throne with cords syringes mechanical arms bonesaws scapels and liquid containers the men groaned and rolled their eyes some looked intrigued not many though I laughed and said don't look like that cause this think modifies youre body to do one dream that could never be achieved MIMD CONTROL!!! they all looked up intrigued and excited now I said wacth me I got in the chair and said don't interfere with this the machine put me to sleep when I awoke I was naked and had stiches I put on my clothes and muttered how long I was out r. while I was thinking I heard daddy? yes sweetheart? can we see man of steel in the theater? well I don't know why not? hey r. later when we were done at the movies I got a call.

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Tomoko saeki
Me too and so does my wife
I love your hentais you are a super sexy girl