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#25491 - Once school ended they walked out and Brenda turned to her best friend and asked her if she wants to go to the cafe in town she really felt like a latte Sandra agreed so they walked into town and found the cafe they ordered their drinks Brenda ordered a a regular coffee and Brenda ordered a chai latte the both sat at the table drinking their coffee Sandra could not stop looking at Brenda she was so beautiful Brenda noticed Sandra starring at her and asked whats up Sandra knew she had to admit her feelings to Brenda she took a sip of her coffee then gently held Brenda's hand over the table and told Brenda how she feels about her she told her how beautiful she is how much shes loved her how much shes attached to her and that she cant stop thinking about her Brenda's cheeks began to go light red she had her head down starring her latte after a minute of silence Brenda told her she wanted to talk about this but not here so they changed the subject not much was said

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