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#223047 - --“hey did you bring the magazine?” --yeah and you brought the Vaseline?” --“better, my dad had this watermelon flavored lubricant” --“bullshit” --“no dude they do exist” --“well let’s get started then” --“yeah nice magazine wait why are there girls with dicks there?” --“they are transsexuals, and let me tell you it took me some guts stealing this” --“yeah being 12 sucks” --“let me get my watch out of my wrist” -“hurry” Was then the moment one of the boys got naked, and squatted in front of the magazine, put some oil in his hands and started touching his now raging boner with his right hand, while the other put his stuff aside he asked “hey rub your hand over my dick so I can turn the pages without damaging the magazine” so did the other boy reached the 5 inch boner of his partner, he rubbed gently the balls following the shaft and the head, soon both boys were slowly masturbating and looking at the different poses men were taking to be penetrated by

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