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#186545 - This would be his fourth orgasm of the evening, but even still, he gave her a nice load of hot spunk! She seemed so grateful, but in this business, they always did! In eighteen hours it would all start over again, and the dancers would put on their show, and empty their nuts into the mouths of hot suburban babes! What a business!!! THE END. A short stocky brunette held out a twenty dollar bill and slipped it in the waistban?d of the g-string. When he entered the dressing room, he wasn't the least bit surprised to find that several of the other dancers were sitting on chairs with their legs spread wide apart and women of various shapes, sizes, and ages on their knees sucking the young cock meat for all they were worth! Rolando slumped down in his chair and wiped the sweat off his body and began counting his take while not more than five feet away, a suburban housewife was sucking a twenty two year old black dancer like it was the last cock on earth! She was in an obviou

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