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#78580 - God I was horny I literally dragged Sean to the bed room and once inside I started to undo his pants and pulled them round his ankles but before he could remove them completely I pushed him onto the bed and took his nice erect 8” cock in to my mouth and started to suck him off. Tina told Sean to give me a dance or two and we ended up on the dance floor, as Sean held me and we moved around the floor I could feel Sean’s erection pressing into my pregnant belly and to be honest I found it a turn on, when we got to the far side of the dance floor I whispered in Sean’s ear that I could feel his cock pressing against me to which Sean thrust it against me and asked if it bothered me, by way of a reply I sneaked a quick feel of it through his pants, he was pretty big and not having had sex for a good two months I really didn’t want to let it go, I asked him what had gotten him so turned on and he replied that he had a thing for pregnant women, by this time my pussy was soaking wet and as I fe

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