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#192595 - ” “Hush, do not worry, we will soon be married and you will enjoy it. ” He looked through the window, trying to see what was happening but the view, which normally should show the old steam locos waiting to be scrapped. ” She cooed, her voice soothing, washing over and through Mary’s consciousness like a cool spring, while leaning forward to whisper in ‘John’s’ ear, Mary caught the words “gentle” and “first time” and the John-creatures grunting in agreement, while the touch and movement became gentler, more a lovers caress then a rapists mauling, his hands gently cupping her breasts, his thumbs lightly rolling her nipples and moving all over her body, soothingly, causing her little chills to run like electricity through her body, radiating out from his cock, cock where did that come from she asked herself, as he thrust inside.

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