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#217981 - Anderson…” “Gayle!” The tall man replied happily, “Are you here? Please tell me you’ll be making an appearance at least…” “Mr. well um…” He smiled and chuckled softly, the hand on her arm giving her a little squeeze, “First call me Victor and second relax Gayle, I’m not going you bite you or anything!” Gayle couldn’t help but smile as she blushed, she wasn’t used to holding a man’s attention, and definitely not a man like Victor Anderson! “Sorry Mr…ah…sorry Victor…I’m, well I’m not very good in social situations and I utterly suck at small talk. The work of several famous interior decorators was lost on them, they only had eyes for each other at that particular moment in time as they walked as one, entering the large hallway that led to the large common room of the spacious suite, shedding clothing as they went.

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