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#98804 - And he totally did too… Shh. Luna came first, a sudden, powerful outburst without prelude, her fingers tightening in his hair painfully as the first spurt of seed, hot as fire landed on his tongue, coating it and forcing him to experience the musky taste, “A-ah! Keep your lips tight around it Prince! And swallow everything!” With his eyes clenched shut he obeyed, his mouth closed just behind the crown of her cock, tongue pressed to it as she gripped his head with one hand, the other stroking her slick shaft, milking her cum out onto his tongue. “Mmm?” “To lose your virginity,” she said softly, working her fingers up and down her shaft.

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Tsugumi takakura
Plus point for the jedi tatoo on his left hand
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Dokuctaft is superior to all