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#87528 - He took a right on Elm Street, and two blocks later he slowed down and drove by the old homestead. All the air whistled out of Scott, as he was now looking at Miss Foley's pantiless vagina that was still the hairiest cunt he had every seen, thick and curly, in the shape of a perfect vee! She sat down on the couch with her legs spread, and said, I think if I remember correctly, that this is what you enjoyed eating!?! In a heartbeat Scott was on his knees, drinking in the aroma of fresh hot pussy, his nostrils flaring like a wild animal at the arousing scent! Do me Scottie, do me like you used to do me, she implored, spreading herself wider in an even more enticing manner! Scott didn't need another invitation and he buried his mouth on the dripping slit weeping before him, and just like it was yesterday, the hairy bush, the sopping wet slit, and the huge clit all combined to make it the most arousing pussy he had ever eaten! Scott ate like there was no tomorrow, burrowing

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Mio akiyama
Lovely creamy pussy
Aya komichi
Definitely the ones funding it but there s still a fundamental problem in women when they would rather diverge to this route rather than living responsibly ultimately weak men are the problem though and need to be eradicated