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#332209 - Her tits were slightly bigger than Lyn’s so Julia was able to hold my shaft tighter, she licked and sucked the head of my cock as it slid though her tits, l held her by the shoulders and pulled Julia against me which increased the hold she had on me with her tits, l let out a groan and shot one hell of a sticky load going over her face she took the head of my cock into her mouth ready for the next load to come from my urethral opening and gulped the lot down. I couldn’t wait to tell her that we would have the whole night together like a proper couple, she winked then leant forward to say she had better put her knickers on as there was no rush if we had all night, l was able to slide a hand up her leg to find out Lyn was teasing me, but the knickers were very tight covering her pussy.

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