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#79405 - Hell yeah deep down inside me I wanted to jump up and be the man of the moment and stop all this!! But my depraved ways and mind over-rode my manly wantoness to stop this. But I guess the right moment and the right situation things that we seem to dispell and totally hate become exactly what we do! And even worsely added to that was that Snake Lady then said; Reach up onto the shelf over the bed and get the lube and lube him up she's gonna' need every bit of help she can! My mind reeled in wanting to say oh fuck no I ain't touching his damn dick and I sure as hell ain't lubing it up!! But the moment had me captivated, entranced, and knowing it was damn sure true that he had to be lubed up as can be for this to even happen in the least. As he crawled up on his knees now getting closer and closer between my wife's thighs his huge black cock was dancing and swinging like a huge black pendulum, as he manuevered further up between her legs now fi

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Roxanne elipton
Was her asshole super tight
Thank you