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#192669 - something wrong baby nope just thinking about how much I love you how much do you love me their is not an amount comparable too how much I do We sat there for awhile just holding each other Julie you wanna go test her out hell yeah but let's change clothes I'm freezing I'm with you there We went into the house and changed, me of course being the guy was finished changing fairly quickly I shot Julie a text I'll be in the car out front OK love you :-) love you too baby :-) I pulled the car around, this car is mint sounds good runs good everything works the lights are super bright. It was one of those times you didn't want to talk just sit there with someone who knew that you were dealing with a lot of stuff and they knew just being there is all you wanted. its gonna be late when we get home I know She wrapped her arms around me and rested her head on my sh

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