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#75041 - Once the two girls were all ready they went back to school luckily Brenda's mother made a good excuse for them they sat in class and Sandra was feeling so happy until the bell for home time rang Sandra had a worried look on her face as she hugged her friend goodbye and walked home, when she walked inside her mother was drunk as a skunk Sandra just walked to her room, minutes later she was startled by the door bursting open with her mother wacking her with a baseball bat Sandra just curled up into a ball and took it until her mother passed out. Sandra hobbled her way home sobbing with a saw ass with the taste of shit,blood and cum in her mouth soon as she was home the first thing she wanted to do was sit down and curl into a ball but she walked in on her mum getting fucked by what looked like a dealer when they both saw her the dealer demanded that he wanted to fuck her, her mother called Sandra over telling her to take her clothes Sandra refused saying she was sore t

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