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#66874 - ” She smirked at the smooth recovery and turned her attention to the rest of the group, “What about the rest of you hm? Want to take me up on the bet? Could win a blowjob…” she blew them a kiss, expecting it to send them leaving, laughing and pretending to each other they’d bested her in their witty sparring. “Okay sweety, buckle up…” With her hands on his hips she drew back, watching with delight as her slick cock pulled out of the delightfully tight and sucking hole, only to push back in, again filling him with her meat and drawing a whimper from him, she was quick to adopt a fast, hard pace, enjoying the way his doughy ass cheeks rippled with movement each time she slammed her hips into him. Biting her lip she slid two fingers deep into the hot cum filled silicone and, between them pulled out the spent bullet, her fingers covered in the boy's massive load.

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