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#227245 - she stood up bend then place her mouth between his spread laps raise her hips so high that half her ass is viewable to him, her pussy is driping of her wetness and her cum dripping down to her laps slowly, and she really want it to get fill by a hard cock as fast as possible, so she move her mouth to his zip using her teeth to unzip his zip suductively keeping eye contact all through, she look deeper into his eyes, and couldn't see any resistance and all she get back is a grin,she Feel the hard bulge in his trousers pulse as she unzip him, that even turn her on more she start fumbling with is belt She kiss his stomach and navel . She is jerking she taught she is going to faint, she Have the must intense cum ever,she Feel so drain, as blood start floating back to her brain. He slam his six inches long and abt three inches width deep into her at one,she scream, its painfully stretch her, she didn't only feel strecth, she feel like she is having a tear she can't take it,s

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