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#255023 - Opening my mouth and a whispered ‘No!’ leaves my throat but none of the three pay attention to it. “My brother considers himself to good to smoke cigarettes let alone weed!” Getting a bit pissed at her I signed “Oh and what about drinking beer? Is he to good to do that?” She just motion for me to continue! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ With Rob still in my mouth, Joe rolling off me, grabbing my left arm and leg, I was once more penetrated by a cock, this one not a long or thick as Joe’s but just as unwanted! Keith didn’t wait until before he started thrusting hard in and out of my just fucked pussy. Grabbing my head Rob forces his cock in and out of my mouth, blocking my breathing, making Joe comment “Through your nose Teri, god is this your first time having sex?” my eyes glaze over with tears and shame.

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Now i know what i want for christmas
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Even the camera was going in and out
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