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#221922 - The gleefully observant master-chef realized that Jeff’s marginally aware, passive participation in the banquet couldn’t last long and for his sake now looked up from his business and shouted to his noisy guests, “Attention, please, friends! Of course our handsome and succulent entr?can’t join us in raising a glass, but while he’s still able to appreciate the compliment, let’s all join in a toast to Jeff! Boymeat, you “look good enough to eat!” Here’s to you, slave! Here’s hoping you have the good taste to match!” The more charitable and sympathetic of the guests—few as they were—hoped Jeff was flattered. The constant but growing pain from the searing coals was unendurable, but Jeff realized that he would have to continue enduring and suffering it until—he desperately hoped—he lost consciousness. He had been, as was hinted above, as it were pre-selected for early and swift legal and mercantile processing, and the period between his being led from his cell to the marketplace, his im

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