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#169687 - Yes, my Lord, answered Duclos, and frigging a prick whose incredible littleness, I assure you, isn't worth the bother describing. Curval, who had passed the night with Constance, had bitter complaints to lodge against her in the morning. That warm fuck he feels wetting him, the reiterated blows of the Duc who is also beginning to discharge, it all quickens his warrior's soul, the weapon is primed, off goes the gun, floods of foamy sperm splash against Durcet's ass, for the banker has just posted himself there within easy range lest, says he, something be wasted, and Durcet's plump white buttocks are submerged beneath a spellbinding liquor he would have by far preferred as a rinse for his bowels.

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Jam kuradoberi
Loved it very well done