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#4024 - after her story was finished i hop in the shower and about ten minutes into my shower i hear a knock on the bathroom door, it was one of her friends wanting to use the washroom so i quickly finished my shower and left the room. and i brace myself up and just start feeding it to her and she screams over and over again and every time her pussy contracted it would grab my cock and force me to thrust forward as hard as i could and i very soon after pulled out and lied beside her and came ,shooting a good sized load all the while fingering her and lick the juices from her throbbing pussy. She finally returns and sits down on a chair and starts explaining how her day of shopping went and the whole i didn't hear a word of it because i was preoccupied with starring at her big juicy tits, i just wanted to grab them but knew she wouldn't appreciate it so i didn't.

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