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#195693 - She, now realizing that her ex thinks she is someone else, goes on to say his name! There is no doubt about it, she does look younger and quite different! Then, she says you idiot it is me! Ashley your wife, he steps back in wonder and has the most inconceivable look of disbelief on his face, and then does more than just a double take! He is speechless and shocked,. who can that be,. she thinks?, Oh the young woman then goes on to say, your pussy shaved bare, he really likes his girl to be bare! Again she starts to protest and is shushed saying don't worry you will like it I promise! Ashley's hands are clutching the padded table even tighter now as she thinks, his girl, I am his girl! She has never shaved or even trimmed this part of her anatomy before! Not even for panty lines, and especially no one else has ever done something like this to her! It is new and exciting experience, as she no longer protests and allows them to continue at both her head and genitals.

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