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#228630 - She looked round at me and said, Fook me in my tight ass. Her pussy was completely clean shaven with a small tattoo of a heart to one side, I could see the sheen of dampness on her pussy lips letting me know she was getting excited too, I knelt down in front of her she sat up and kissed me passionately. Natasha was standing there holding a tray with a coffee on it Your coffee sir she said quite loudly for the benefit of anyone caring to listen and brushed straight past me giving me a wicked smile, I closed the door she put the tray down on the table, she stood by the bed the bed and looked at me purring in her sexy accent I don't have long I only have an hour”, as I looked at her I thought she must be twenty two or twenty three and about five foot one tall and very petite, she began removing her clip-on tie and unbuttoning her white blouse, which she threw on the chair, she wasn’t wearing a bra her breasts now in full view and I would say they were the best I've ever

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Kiara sessyoin
Definitely wanna eat those meaty pussy lips
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