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#123439 - It was a few weeks later when you told work you were having a week off holiday time, you’d asked me if I’d like to meet up with you of course I said yes, I wasn’t going to say not to a sexy man like you, not one I really liked You had bought your tickets and things were set, now all you had to do was decide what to pack, a week of being in England, a week to see me for real in the flesh, you couldn’t wait to get on the plane. You went on watching and describing what you would do, how your fingers would slide into my pussy and back out, your thumb rubbing my clit as you fingered my pussy, your lips still sucking before you moved up and kissed my lips, my tongue moving into your mouth as we kissed hard. “You creep” I said laughing as we were in the hotel room before kissing you deeply, your arms wrapped around my stomach and going down to my ass, pulling me closer to your body as my arms went around your neck, our tongue’s invading one another mouths again, slowly you pushed

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