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#303899 - Crystal Meth impaired my judgement, I lost my sense of morality and without realizing it, I allowed this drug to envelope me. The slick sweat from his forehead dripped onto me, making my hair wet, and I loved this feeling of our soaking wet bodies, melding together, making us one whole being, moving in time to each other's rhythm; My hips meeting his every thrust, until he was fucking me so hard, so deep, so fast, that I lost myself completely to the sensation, his cock knocking hard against the walls of my pussy, sending shock waves right onto my g-spot. He cupped my ass, holding me in place and all of a sudden, his tongue probed between my pussy lips and he began to tongue fuck my pussy, I grabbed his head with both hands and rose to meet each tongue thrust with a rhythm of my own!! As he tongue fucked my pussy, he took his index finger n slid it deep into my soaking entrance just as he pulled his tongue out! His tongue continued to lick my clit up and down as he fucked my pussy

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