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#401626 - “Even in front of your mother?” “I wouldn’t care,” Heather replied. ” Beth lifted her head and tongue probed Nancy's mouth while she and her daughter were being power fucked by the long thick black cocks in and out of their helpless pussies! The two women probed each others throats as while their pussies spasmed hard around the invading monsters in a seemingly never ending string of earth shattering climaxes! When it was finally over the two of them slumped to the floor with their legs still splayed wide apart while their labia continued twitching spasmodically as the gasped for breath! Nancy dropped to her knees to give Jason’s cock a quick tongue wash before sending him on his way. ” “Okay then,” Nancy replied gently, “I guess it’s time!” Beth Peters looked on with eyes the size of saucers as Jason Hall dropped his trousers to the floor, leaving him standing there in only his black bikini under shorts! A huge banana appeared to be hidden inside of them, but as they all kne

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