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#415100 - I got the laptop and opened up my site for meeting guys, showing Pauline some more guys in our area, sending of a few messages to the best ones, one she really liked was a dark guy, who lived some miles away, but was worth a try. I told her, we would play in the afternoon, with Sue and the kids again, then have a group fuck in the evening, then maybe see if any thing else is availably for later in the week. I took her into the bathroom, sitting her down I aimed my cock at her mouth, my piss flowed as she took my cock into her mouth, swallowing some, then letting the flow run over her face and boobs, When I stopped, she took over, sitting above me, she let fly, her pee going all over my face and upper body as I tried to eat her pussy for her, we then took a nice relaxing shower.

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