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#145503 - we would have so much fun come onnn don’t be this tough and close minded” I thought for like 5 min, then I agreed on her proposal and we scheduled that tomorrow mornig would be our first lesson and her payment would be in the next day. I started massaging her right thigh and I started moving to the inner thigh where her legs are partly closed, I put some pressure on her thigh so she automatically opened her legs a little wet and I witnessed the most sexiest scene, her hole jeans in the pussy area was soaked wet, I kept massaging getting nearer and closer to her pussy area,I touched it and she suddenly rose up “ what r u doin bitch” “im sorry ma’am but I thought u wanted a real good massage” I could see her nipples poking out of her top. Doin my laundry, cleaning my bathroom and bedroom, and anything else, what do u say…….

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