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#118865 - CHAPTER 6 lucy awoke the next morning full of energy, the excitment of the money was still buzzing through her, she got dressed and decided to take the money to the bank to keep it safe, just as she was leaving a thought popped into lucys mind, she sat back down and thought things through before taking out thirty thousand dollars, she hid it in her room then took the rest to the bank. lucy walked back down the hallway and turned the corner to her room as she came round the corner she saw a hotel waiter delivering food to the room next door, lucy quickly took off all her clothes and hid ththem behind a plant, she waited for the waiter to come out of the next room then crept up behind him, excuse me she said with a soft innocent voice, the waiter turned around and jumped with surprise to see a naked women stood in front of him, i appear to have locked myself out of my room could you help me lucy said, not even trying to cover herself, the waiter tried not to look at her and thu

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Holy shot that was so hot and real more of this