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#381950 - they walked me into a small room it had a bench with sex toys on it a heater and a small cage with two young girls in it one wearing a bra panties and heels the other had heels only. As the truck pulled up to the location these girls were taking me too they grabbed my arms and pulled me out of the truck. as I got on my knees my face went red I a am a shy person I have never had sex and only really seen girls nude in porn this was so humiliating the cage was really small once I was in my legs were spread as far as they could and the two girls were sitting between them I was sitting up and I had to slightly bend my neck my mistress was leaving the room as she left she said you three should get to know each other you will be there for a long time and then she closed the door.

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Another outstanding threesome hentai guys great ending with both of you beautiful girls receiving a nice mouthful of cum from that huge cock ooh bet it was yummy
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