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#28467 - Lincoln, I’ve read so much about you!!!” “Everything good I hope,” he replied with a laugh, “but please, call me Bran, and your name is………. Lincoln goes!!!” “I-I don’t know if I should be in here,” Carolyn whispered, “three’s a crowd!!!” “Oh, please,” Erica replied while rolling her eyes, “you’re talking about the richest man in the world, believe me, honey, this bed had had a lot more than three people in it and I am in a position to know!!!” Carolyn turned to face Erica, and the look on her face told her everything she needed to know, and with a little shake of her head she dropped her jacket and began to undress!!! “Is that you, Bran,” the sleepy brunette said between yawns, “hurry up, I really need it bad, what in the heck took you so long!?!” Now standing there totally naked, Carolyn wasn’t quite sure what to do next, but in a soft voice replied, “Uh, Brandle isn’t here yet, I hope I’m not intruding but Erica said this was where I was supposed to be!!!!” With her head quickly

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